Dating first year sobriety 4 Reasons Not to Date Your First Year of Sobriety

Dating first year sobriety

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As with my moment of clarity about drugs and alcohol, I had to sit back and think about what else I was using to fill this void, and the answer was women. You had no problem dedicating time to drinking and getting high.

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In early sobriety, when our head begins to clear, we start to realize that we were playing the cover-up game with drugs and alcohol.

I want to share with you all some of my experience as well as my point of view on the subject. I see a lot of rehab romances, and I see just as many relapses.

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Those who partake in a twelve-step program have access to priceless insights which enable them to approach life, sobriety and relationships from a healthy point of view. Sign in Get started.

Even though this made perfect sense, I was still in my addiction and was largely incapable of making any type of logical decisions in different aspects of my life.

2. Relationships Can Be Draining

Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates. I hope that before you jump into that serious relationship that you can take a step back and ask if it will put your sobriety at risk. When we dating first year sobriety get sober, we have dozens of suggestions thrown our way, and a lot of them seem silly.

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If my addiction showed me anything it was that I suffered from a spiritual malady. Never miss a story from Chris Bouttewhen you sign up for Medium. But staying clean and sober must come first. Realizing this, how was I supposed to be a good partner to someone when I still have all of these defects of characters? You can also pick up the Kindle version at Amazon.

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I kept finding women who I could cling to, but they were completely wrong for me. However, here are 4 good reasons why you should wait to date when you're new in sobriety.

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I realized that I sometimes have impossible expectations for people, places and things, which lead me to being hurt. Not getting into a relationship during your first year of sobriety is only a suggestion, and nobody can force you to stay single.

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