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Dating rs prussia marks, rs prussia

Prussia, don't forget to evaluate the way it is decorated and the quality of the porcelain. Many of the reproductions, particularly those made in Japan, are quite good quality porcelain. The mark shown beneath on the back is believed to have been in use from until around You can just ignore this message if your browser meets your needs, but we highly recommend changing to Google Chrome or Firefox browser. To fetch top value, this porcelain should be delicately crafted and finely finished.

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Many decorations that bring big money on original RS pieces were originally paintings by famous masters. If the object is translucent porcelain, you will see the moving shadow.

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There are some very serious and knowledgeable collectors on eBay who occassionally take time to help out a seller with a particularly nice unmarked object. But remember, marks are only one clue to authenticity.

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Look through the listings in the R. This article will review the new and forged RS marks and compare them to original markings.

Wares Made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch's German Factory

Those preferring simpler lines can also find RSP examples to suit their taste. Tielsch's bar mark is nearly identical in thickness, length, and position as that used by RS Prussia.

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For almost years, toReinhold Schlegelmilch's initials, RS, appeared in various marks on fine German porcelain. Porcelain Quality Original RS porcelain is thin, lightweight and translucent.

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This includes large chunks of text in a few well-known book titles. Your online experience will be safer and more enjoyable not only on Ruby Lane but any web site you visit. For a complete listing, refer to the Gaston series. Of course you could also encounter a piece where both a new mark as well as a new decoration has been applied. Check list for R. This is the most recent of all the genuine RS marks. Buyers now face not only new marks that look old but shapes that look old as dating rs prussia marks.

It is simply the shape of the porcelain itself. These four are featured because they are the ones being copied and forged.

These new marks are shown as broad examples of the wide variety of new marks you may encounter. The Suhl factories fortunes rose and fell with the American economy, trade tariffs and tastes.

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Distinctive blanks featured molded designs of flowers, fruits, icicles and geometric shapes. If you believe the object is RS Prussia, then you have to continue searching for the matching mold or contact an RS Prussia expert. Original mark is a transfer with the words "Made in Germany Poland" around the bottom.

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The Erdmann Schlegelmilch company marked much of their early output "Depon", an abbreviation of the German word "Deponiert" meaning registered or protected by law to discourage dating rs prussia marks by their competitors. The mold is the shape of the porcelain object and does not include any painted artwork or gold. For me, the most difficult still remain the very old molds, which are almost identical - but not quite - to their 19th century Limoges cousins!

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